Un pedazo de tierra

2013-2015 (on going).
50 square meters of a spelt field in Rozzano (Milano).

December 2013. Frigoriferi Milanesi. Milano.

Un pedazo de tierra consists on taking the central portion of a recently seeded spelt field and leave it without doing something -no cut, no extra water, nothing- from December 2013 to end of 2015, and see what's happening.

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un pedazo de tierra

Un Pedazo de Tierra, Nov 2013, Mar 2014 and Jun 2014, from the same point of view.
Photos: Fabrizio Vatieri (Exposed Project)

Mail to Kasparov

Scheme of the process.


(selection of drawings, ink on paper)

Mail to Kasparov

A man in front his piece of Land.

Mail to Kasparov L'ultimo pezzo di terra fertile.

Mail to Kasparov Subí a una montaña para ver el Sol.

Mail to Kasparov Tutto paesaggio è una singolarità assoluta e unica (1).

Mail to Kasparov Tutto paesaggio è una singolarità assoluta e unica (2).

Mail to Kasparov

"We plant trees and trees plant us. Since we belong to each other and we must to coexist". Joseph Beuys.

Mail to Kasparov

Constant and variable.

Mail to Kasparov Una giornata di sole.

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