A humble sock

Unknown material.
0.027 cm x 0.021 cm x 0.011 cm.

Fundaciķ Antoni Tāpies, Barcelona.

´A humble sock through which meditation is proposed, with it I represent the importance of the cosmic order that exists among small things´, Antoni Tāpies.

It is because of this that a miniature replica —20 microns in size— is made of the emblematic sock of Tāpies, the smallest, and placed next to the original.



The size of the sock of Tāpies has been changed, from 18 meters in 1991 to 2,85 meters the sock in the Fundation, in 2010. Following this evolution —see figure 1— the sock became extinct in May 2013. The micro-sock of 2 microns is the size corresponding to 2 hores before become extinct.

Video of the process